WebGL version of the game

Since you might want to test the game first before you download it and because we are not able to send out an IOS build for you, we've decided to create a WebGL version of the game.
If you like the game we highly encourage you to download it for better quality


Breeding Farm WebGL.zip Play in browser
Jun 28, 2020

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i downloaded the game but i can only see select things it has a black background how do i fix it ???

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The download does not work for webgl

hi please update it

Update the webgl version porfavor! 

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I played for a few hours, saved and closed the game. Now when I try to open the game it hangs here at the starting screen indefinitely.

I see a lot of potential in this game but I have a couple of negative reviews.
Personally I liked more like the monsters from before (More furry style and less anime style) except Cece (she does look good the way she is now).
The plot of the game is very interesting but I feel that it is very incomplete and erotic scenes with the protagonists would be missing.
I think that the body of the protagonist and the male wolves are extremely unreal, as if they had gotten 5 kilos of steroids.
Still, I think the game is very good and that they can go very far if they continue with it.