BreedingFarm v.0.2

Hey everyone, sorry for the long wait.

It took us a bit longer than expected and we were planning to have more for you, but the redesign of those monsters and the mini-game took a bit longer to create as we would have wanted.

Hopefully, we should be able to get more done from this point on.

Anyway. This update is mainly focused on developing a relationship with one character particular. 

If you are determined to find all the new content we have I would say be cautious and save beforehand.

Let us know how you like our new monster designs. Many of you were disappointed with the art style four of our animations.

So far there is one CG event as single pictures during the monster breeding. 

We are going continue doing more of those events and our goal is to have eventually animations for those new monster designs as well. 

But only if we will find enough support for that and someone, who is good at rigging 2d Characters.

- Team Bieno


Old save files should work in this version, but we can't promise it to 100% certainty.


- 8 new designed Portraits for the "Breeding event"

- one CG event for the "Breeding event"

- 4 new animations for the "Breeding event"

- A toggle button to switch between art styles at any time.

- A new inventory system.

- more story content.

- one Mini game with three CGs to discover

- one random H-Event at the farm.

- one more animation during the story route.

- one last H-Event at the end of this version's story route.

- one new character

- optimized images to reduce memory space.

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