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zoophilia incest simulator


if u want the link to download but don't wanna scroll down the page

Is the game updating on Patreon?


Or there are no more updates?

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they are updating on patreon, last time i have visited it was on version 0.5.2

Oh wow this is a little messy, its a good game with a nice lore but it still need some work to put on it.

I got soft-lock on my only save file and i cant restore it back :( (android ver)

Also is the witch in 3.2 I can't start it


How do I start elizabeth's quest the one with monster fights


So is it like breeding season where there are female AND male monsters or is it strictly females?

Females and males, yes.

the last public update was 11  september of 2022, i hope that the free version of this game was not abandoned.

I need 0.5.2

No patreon

How do I get this one?

Who has 'Breeding Season' ?

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just incase you don't feel like scrolling a bit further to find this information, you can download newer versions of the game for free on the creators patreon.

(expand the about section)

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So you crash on a ship reck and wake up in a random house, try to fuck the first girl that meets you (the daughter) by saying "there's nothing like waking up to a good fuck" to a complete stranger, then you try to fuck the other women that meets you (the mom) by talking about how sexy her tits are Infront of the daughter, and then the daughter says "mom don't try to get me to fuck the strange man", And after that you fuck the monsters (which are basically prepaid brides) that are supposed to be thoughtless creatures, cum inside, and fuck the offspring  aka (your biological child) for profit.

This is the most wild ass game I've ever played.




Be a Year. And still Good

contain pregnancy?

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Uh, kinda. That's how you get new monsters. Or you buy new ones. Getting the pregnant has the chance fro offspring to have all the traits.


Amazing work! One thing is that it would be cool to have a breeding animation for every monster.


Your game is pretty hot ! I would love to do some let's play episodes on it ! Is that ok ? (knowing that I post on Porn website and earn a bit of ads revenue from my videos ^^)

they havent updated this game in 2 years now, im sure they wont mind

Unfortunately I cannot share it on some website if I don't have a clear permission from them, but thanks ^^

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the game isnt updated on itch anymore its still alive on their patreon link here

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current update 0.5.2 at, I don't know if their still posting on itch, I recommend starting over as some thing have changed 


And here I just thought the project was dead, thanks! You da real mvp.

Yo, same. No update in nearly two years. I thought something like the developer passing away or something. Last Patreon post being not even two months ago gives me hope again. 

Guys look again At the new Post 


how long is the blackout drinking game supposed to go on for?


can i delete saves?

When's the next update roughly?

Another commenter said they have a Patreon page where there are regular updates. Seems like they aren't updating their Itch page at all. Would probably attract a lot more Patreons if they linked the page here. There isn't a need to become a Patreon to get the download either.




Do anyone know where is Katelyn in the quest "Katelyn?"? Cause i can't continue with the story🙏🏻

Where are the saves saved in android

no one is sitting at the office at the 0 floor is it a bug. also how to start dragon mission and spring its not working by going at the forest

where is the Discord

Do anyone know how to complete the *here kitty kitty" Mission ? 

I  havae gotten to the elf girl part but the location has not been added to the map?


Please install the newer version from their patreon, it’s free there

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Got an issue... I go to load my save and it simply pulls up an "confirmation message" and no mater what I do nothing else happen. I try and clicking either the check of the X but neither does anything... 

Please help, I enjoy the game but I would hate to start all over... again.

Also, I have a weird problem where... the plot won't progress. day 120 and the only plot related thing was the elves and poe... Did I mess something up?

Just figured out I didn't have the most up to date version of the game, anyone know where I can find that? It doesn't seem to be here...

(+1) They have version 0.5.2 there for free in the about section

how do i delete my save?

Anyone know how i can get access to the hotspring forest? Its for the dragon hunting quest please someone help me

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i have a problem in quest haunting for dragons 

i cannot find the witch house after talking to elizabeth 

questbook saying take this (lock of hair) to the witch and only house in londai with yellow pointy roof is where valerie is

pls help


skipping few days and cheating dani helped and house magicly appears literaly and figuratively


Patreon is at v 5.2 they don't update here anymore.


only annoying thing is web version doesnt save


the version in "", (web version), is the most updated?

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where is the patreon?



how to trigger popsicle event? or how to meet merchant to buy popsicle?

is there a way to make CeCe Fertile again lol

change the trait, cece can birth another cece and mc

not possible to change traits


use save editor, fertile trait is number 5

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how does one even start breeding?

simpel click on the breeding pen then click on the + icon to add yourself on the left of the screen and then click on the right + to add 1 off the monsters and then click BREED

will this continue?


Latest Ver. is not updated here. Go check their Patreon. Latest ver. is 0.5.2

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