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I can't seem to get any affection with Cece . I said all the right things , played blackjack everything but no dice and it won't let me bang her because " Cece doesn't like me yet "  

Im sure you have to hang out with her in the forest, then she will come to your bed, so you can mate with her in the pit.

Ok, thanks.  I feel like If you had said all the right stuff previously it should have counted towards something though. 

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"Ultimate Catgirl", its a shame the stats system are not totally implemented, you seem to not being able to get a monster with STR rank D, and any other monster with rank C or above besides Cece wich is Infertlie.

If you want a voice actor for another character, I could do it! ^^ I'm not using money unless you make money out of the game, so I won't cost you anything for what I can see and I liked the game! ^^

Yo played this game for a full day when later I decided to load a save it says confirmation message but it won't let me click anything, any fix for this?


is there a patreon?

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if you hover over Dexterity with your mouse it says "reduces energy cots to number%" instead of "cost"

he says "with you mouse" instead of "with your mouse"

that was also true


How do I help the church girl with the fighting ring?

When you breed two maxed out stats you just get zero stats.... um I think I played to much also the overboard just doesnt refill fast enough

NOOOOOOO i was so ahead i was in by three months took a week to get there and now i have to start all over!

On the android version, there needs to a screen-lock of some sort, since I'll be mostly playing this game on my bed.

And another thing, the save button during dialogues are really small and hard to tap, you need to make some sort of one-button to access the menu, just like in free-roam mode.

Everything else so far is fine, but the screen-rotation is a bugger, really. Although I'm not opposed to it, but it'll definitely need a lot of work to fix.

There's a screen rotation lock built into most androids.

Oh, is that so? Might've been my phone then, since it detects screen rotation even if it's locked.

how I unlockthe last 2 scence on page 3 of the gallery I play on PC by the way.

Deleted 7 days ago
Deleted 7 days ago

My desktop resolution is 3440x1440, but setting the game to that resolution has the top and bottom of the screen cut off (I can only see the very top of the Setting button, for example, the rest is off-screen). This happens both in the browser game and the downloaded game, on Full Screen, Full Screen Windowed, and Maximized Windowed.

When setting the game to 2560x1440, however, the game displays fine (although black bars on the sides, since it's not a 21:9 resolution).

I assume this means, even though the resolutions are in the settings, this game doesn't actually support ultrawide desktops?


how do i get more elfs if i donate them all

There's no way, you always need to have a reserve.


unfertile? I thought it was infertile


"Luckily most of the scenes and animations that were planned are already created at this point.

But it will still take a good amount of time until everything gets imported and programmed into the Unity project itself. Hopefully, it won't be too long until everything is ready for a release. If we haven't mentioned it yet, the new update will include new monster racesfor breeding and will have a lot of new scenes involving Rika and Cece.

For now, just please be patient with us as we give our best to get the next update done as soon as possible. In the meantime, pleasetake a look at a new Sneak Peek above and please check out our newest update for "Amity Park" once it's been publicly released, either the 16thor 17thof July."

- Team Bieno Patreon

It's been a long time coming, but looks like the next update is almost here!

Greetings. I am typing this as of the 15th of July 2021. No particular reason why other than posterity. I wish you all a good day and good health.


WTF, bald elf woman


red-head not bald

blue head

I can´t wait anymore


Guys, where can i find Breeding Season?


I been searching but all fake sites


fairly certain that game is just dead, if thats the game that this was based on, it had development trouble and then got turned into cloud meadow on steam

There ir nowhere to find it?

exactly breeding


Thanks man

it doesn't work for me

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Breeding Season: Alpha / Alpha Build 6.6.1-7.3

six months waiting


Has this game been abandoned by the Dev/s?


probably. It is taking a long time to post the update.


do you have any idea how difficult game development is im assuming not or you wouldn't ask such an ignorant  question.  

no one asks to update the game every week or month, but I would like to see a few words about progress or plans at least once a month. Not a word since April 5

i understand your frustration but these things take time.

dude it's been half a year. When Developer's go dark on an in progress game and not say anything about it for more than 6 months it's safe to assume it's dead.


nope, it even has a discord

Pig man and pig woman

Bear woman and bear man

Would you guys have a game update release forecast?


Dude, I saved and went to main menu for gallery, but when I went back to the save, none of my monsters were there anymore-

Delete the game, extract the file again and try again.


I just downloaded the game today and have been playing for hours! As a fan of breeding season this is really well done and keeps the same vibe while still being a new story with different characters.

I have noticed that the games has a bad tendency to lag though.

Some suggestions:

Naming/renaming the monsters (Not just the ones you breed) - this makes it a lot easier to keep track of the traits I'm breeding for

A way to filter the monsters you look at in the barn would be great! I suggest by species and by level separated by gender

I have no idea how much I have to pay each month so a note somewhere on how much I owe the church would be really helpful (and less nerve wracking)

Could we have Kat, her mother and Cleo hanging around the farmhouse? Repetitive dialogue is fine, but the house seems very empty without someone there and the skip time button makes it obsolete outside of cutscenes


Why can't I breed with Cleo? I can't seem to do this for what ever reason, I suspect her infertility?

What are the requirements to work at the bar? I only did it once and now I can't figure out how to do it again.

Will there be the option to be a female character instead? I really loved that I could pick my gender in Breeding Season and was hoping that would be a future update here.

Will there be Male/Male scenes? Monster on monster or you with a male monster? 

You could create a monster: Tiger Woman and Tiger Man, or Lion man and Lion woman.

Orgy Event: Protagonist with Rika, Ketelyn, Scientist and Eros.




Cow woman, dog-girl, elf

Elf blowjob

Deleted 6 days ago

yes I feel the same

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69 sex position scene with Cat Girl and Dog Girl

You could make a scene where the monsters on the farm go crazy and start an orgy with Rika, Katelyn, Eros, Cece and the scientist.


Fondly remember 'Breeding Season' and the influence is pretty strong.  Obviously still a work in progress, has a long ways to go, but what's been done seems pretty solid.  Art is good,animation is great.  Story is a bit shakey but understand isn't done yet.  Same for the gameplay, what's there is good, but pretty obvious it's not all there.  In all, look forward to your final product.



You could create a monster: Rabbit woman and man, or sheep man and woman.

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You could do a lesbian scene from Katelyn, Eros and Rika with dildos.

Soo, i play this on Redmi 9, and when i massive tapping, all the UI gone missing, like its just disappear, anyone got the same problem? 

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