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try to talk to cece in town: woweee you are scum u.u

this girl five minutes earlier: NOM NOM TASTY MORNING COCK :3 owo come see me more tee-hee =^-^=

go to breed: cece doesn't like you yet 

if there was a button to kill cece, i would push it

some thoughts:

you can only work the bar once (?) the bar is just one person you can talk to, you know, like how bars are (monster girls at the bar? monster milk being served?? monsters being bred right in the bar? anything being served so the user spends money?)

the brothel is too much money, what motivation does the user have to interact with it if you can see sex scenes elsewhere without paying? have the option to work there.

the breeding pit animations (which you'd think were the most important thing) seem to have gotten less love than the narrative

breeding barn just a menu screen. add some stockades...milking machines... this stuff writes itself, c'mon

talia is perfect; i want tentacle potions, genderbent potions, go fucking wild 

"monsters" don't have just be a normal anime girl with cat ears or something. like... actually put monsters in the game, you cowards.

edit: rika: oh there is ALWAYS time for fun

also rika: cannot be found at any point, missing for weeks/months

stupid question here, please help. I'm on day 2 and i dont know how to progress. quest book says i need a license, where to go? old comments says i need to talk to talia, but she has no any dialogue mentioning license. i cant skip to the next day too, my character says he is not sleepy yet.

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For the people discovering this game on the page for this game is not being updated. You can find the latest version on Team Bieno's patreon which is 0.5.1 for the general public and 0.5.2 for paying patrons (as of writing). I wouldn't bother leaving comments here either as the only people that will reply are other users playing on 0.3.2 or lower and bug reports would probably be useless. You should go to Team Bieno's discord for that. If this helped you, please upvote so other users will know.



What's their Patreon?


i found a bug


once you can tranform into a wolfmen, you can literally sell your own character to the orderboard, and then youre literally gone from the list, even in the normal form, i dont think that was intended 

You can transform???

when youre going the main story line the MC has a 2nd form, that form which eros will then let you allow to reduce some stress together

Is there any game launcher or something that optimizes unity games? after a few minutes the game starts to stutter, and lagg arround, even clearing RAM and closing everything else it will everytime start at arround 5 minutes in the game to stutter arround

can you romance more then one gal, or do I have to choose

You can romance them all. 3 being main interests and the others being one offs mostly.

You have to romance all of them as part of the main story

how do i unlock elf village


Meet the elf first in wood

i did that and an elf got donated to me but i dont have the village unlocked

what's version are you on? 

fucking queen?! this is amazing

the dialogue is stupidly amazing and i love it


I think they don't upload on this site anymore, you can download version 0.5.1 on patreon XD


Uninstalled it, got to the part about elves and breeding them and then nothing happened afterwards, no new quests popped up and no matter how many elves I donated nothing new happened with their forest, went everywhere I could at day and night and ran into nothing new, idk if that's the end of this current build or if I missed something but one things for sure there needs to be a better quest tracker and hints on where you might need to go to activate new material

can you by dragons and if so how? I have the pure gold or whatever it's called but don't know how to by dragons with it. I need help. 



i cant get the newest update since this kinda content is banned in my country rip

VPN? I mean unless you’re gonna go to jail there’s no much thay can do about it

I'm on 0.5.1 because my save data got corrupt on 0.4 but I can only get to the point to give Poe the serum. I cannot find anyone else in the house or outside. I got so much further in 0.4 so I don't know if my game is bugged or what

wait how are you on 0.5.1? patreon?

Yeah, its free on patreon

Okay, so i'm pretty far into the game, and I'm on the dragon quest right now. I did everything right, except when I asked for church lady's hair, she said no. The book says i need to find a way to charm or convince her, but there are no new options with her when i talk to her and even when ive searched everywhere else nothing happens. Plus, cant find the witch anywhere even though i know where her house is and have visited. An older comment said you have to have answered all of her questions correctly or else youre sol, but that just seems incredibly cruel?? So i assume either my game is bugged or im missing something. Id appreciate any help!!

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it's no joke you really need to answer every encounter with her correctly or she doesn't give you her hair. People have checked and if you answer incorrectly even once she doesn't give it to you. If you speed run the game you can get to that point in 25 minutes if you are lucky. Someone even played I think 60 days after to see if there would be any repeat events where you could gain affection with her. While you do interact with her you don't gain any extra affection so you have to restart and correctly answer everything  to get further into the game.

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I can't sem to unhide well... Everything.

Please help.

Welp I fixed it, but I missed a lot of conversation :\ because of it.


Main menu goes Black screen, the unity and team screen goes normal but the menu screen goes Black with Just the soundtrack

Is there an sex scenes?





How to start the Katelyn quest? I can't seem to find her anywhere

how many elfs do i have to donate before the story progreses ? got my elf to like level 25

Once you unlock the elf village their questline is over. You need to advance Rika's questline.


wish there was a way ti check a history log, accidently skipped some dialog and cant go back


i am stuck in the game Breeding Farm where we have to help building Lighthouse for Rika and its not getting over even after giving 50000 Dani for it!!!!

hy u gotta pay then sleep then go to the living room then the story will continu

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where can i download the v0.5.2


Patreon, it's one of the public posts in the feed.


Where?  I only see 0.5.1 listed.

He made a typo. Version 0.5.1 is the latest version.

Deleted 43 days ago

In 0.5.2, I have Done the intro quest, given Poe his [calming] Serum, and made a deal with the elves... so now what... I can't find any more triggers for quests, I don't know what to do. 


Same, that's why I deleted it, there's just no clue on how to proceed....

Talk with rika, not sure ,I did it a long time ago

where th

Well you can talk with her in a few places,  the vegetables garden , the kitchen,  and her room , some time inside the city(only in quest) , and in a way or another you might actually activated the quest but you did not see or bulged and did not show as a quest or idk , try to go on the road behind the house at night , there is a chance you are going to hear a sound and be able to investigate to continue the story. 

Not sure,  Cruz when I play it I just helped when i could like quite a lot in the garden then because i like to explore i just have go through the quest,  small tip, go in different places at different times , trust me


is there a way to get the scene from page one bottom left 


Talk to Poe to get his nightmare dialogue option, talk to Talia about the Serum, take the right hand one, [sex scene], give one of the serums to Poe, quest finished.

(Poe's Peril Quest) you get to bang Talia

i have already done that quest...i was wondering if there was another way to get i


It's really early game, just boot a new game and get to the quest, you can complete it alongside getting your 'Breder's License' (Yes, it's literally misspelled in the game... on purpose), just remember to take the Right Hand Vial.  It's the lust one.

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Damn, seems like devlopers like this are still there, who only care about those who pay them, too bad, I lost some valuable internet downloading the latest ver, if only I knew how much buggy and confusing it was going to be..... honestly people, you can play it, they have latest version on patreon, 5.02 for free but the game is too confusing and there's no clue given to play it like you have to figure it all out  god knows how, and there's too many bugs. So either waste 800 mb downloading it or just don't bother wasting your time, I recommend the latter


I heartily disagree, personally. And even so, paying for quality is a matter of respect; showing the dev some love and getting rewarded for it? What a quaint and novel concept. Making it free-to-play *at all* is kind of a big risk, all things considered. But that's just my 2¢. Make of it what you will.

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Well, guess what? Most adult games are kinda free to play till a certain version and some very successful games have always been completely free, yet they're definitely earning 10x more money through patreon than Devs of breeding farm so I don't see the big risk anywhere.

The big risk? Bro, not all games go super wow instantly,  and not all games have an entire teams for development 


yes, they don't go super wow instantly, but they certainly don't completely ignore the players who aren't their patrons

i cant play blackout with cece and do i go about being able to play agai

Is there a guide for the gallery?


A heads up to everyone. It does seem Team Bieno is not updating the Itch version. You can actually download the game for free on their Patreon (I know a free offer on Patreon WHAT). Here is the link to the Patreon 

Team Bieno are creating "Breeding Farm", an adult monster-breeding game! | Patreon

Have fun!

Quick question for the game in general seeing as the Developers aren't looking on Itch, what is the limit for traits on a single monster/breeding line?


Thank you for the info d{^_^}b


looks like the dev has stopped uploading to itch as I have found an updated version 0.5.1 on another site I really wish for the dev to upload new versions on here as itch is the best plase to go for 'fun' games ;p


Thank you for the info ! You can found the link in Patreon in a free for all post.

The game is pretty more advanced in 0.5.1. 

Ironically, I actually *want* to offer patronage, hearing this...and when I'm able to, I plan to do just that. Once my feet are on terra firma, it's a certainty. Thank you for keeping us up to date (especially since I haven't seen the Patreon post).

is this game still been developed?


yeah and you can find some free updates on their patreon. They arent updating the itch page


(SPOILER WARNING) Honestly liked the story until the part where the main character goes simp mode for the mom after barely knowing her. After which the story turns into a clear fan service. It just makes no sense why he fell for her so heavily and did what he did for her. He has known her for maybe 2 months max depending how slow you do the story and already wants to be in a relationship? Like dude is F-ing girls and monsters on a daily but get jealous cause shes F-ing a random monster? Should of made it as they were FB and left it as that.

It would be cool to have some alternative story lines where he has a better reason for turning into a wolfman. Not because he wants to pretty much sell his soul for some farm milf he just met. Some build up towards the end of the game, where through the story your decisions with certain girls leads the main character to fall for one of them. Love the art style yea it has some clear bugs that should of been fixed but man does the Rika story line ruin the game for me. (P.S. Bring the damn Brothel back.)

Do you have to pay money to play the full game?

No, it's Free on Patreon, they're at version 0.5.2. for the public, Patrons can get access to newer and more unstable builds if you are willing to shill out ten dollars.

ok so i cant find version 0.5.1 to re download it cant anyone help?

nvm got it


Do they abandon the upload in itch Io?

I am at day 153 for some reson lol, but I want to know if the fact that I am at that day , is going to influence the game in any way when the new quest is going to get added?  Like , are the events and quests happening only in specific days or something or it does not meters?

Yeah I have the same issue. Not sure why but I keep going and nothing is changing. No clue what to do.

There are some weird triggers that are like really early on, the story can be beat in 53 days if you know where to look, somebody in the comments posted a Word Document for an entire guide... I can't thank him enough for it.

I replied to Brian about it.

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Edit: found a fix to my initial problem. 

Please label your game as ntr. Got to the point with the unavoidable scene and made me drop the game entirely. Why give the illusion of having a choice a couple of scenes prior only to find that girl deep with someone else in another scene? The problem is not that it's there, the problem is that I was led to believe that I had the option to avoid it. 


How did you fix your problem, so I can avoid the NTR scene


Initial problem was that the game would not start after updating, had to do a clean re-install. There's no way around the ntr section unfortunately.


Sadly there NO way to avoidthe NTR, it's part of the main story and if you don't get NTR'd you can't get to further content.

None of you bothered to read the text for the scene did you???

The werewolf in question is the player.) Although the dialogue earlier questions if you wouldn't mind her having an open relationship, has is common in games of this genre it is explicitly explained that the MC wolfing out is his territorial instincts. Don't me ask how that works, it hasn't be explained yet and likely has to do with the area the MC is from however it does.

You literally can be the only guy any girl in the series can have sex with, or not if that is your choice, there is no unavoidable ntr.


What ntr scene , I did not see any or I might have forgot about it

Is not even that hardcore to be honest, is where the mother which is at that point is your lover cheat with random werewolf.

I even forgot about that part lol. 

There isn't one, gooeyadodo, Nero2377, Seiisuke, and Raygha didn't read the text for the scene, and missed the fact that the werewolf in question is in fact the MC. Cheating on the MC with the MC is the simplest wording of the scenario in question.


Abyssal  , in the most ironic way they actually are right , there is a scene were if I am right the mother is banging a wild wolfman , that happens right before you do her in the wolfman form . You had the option to look at tham and stay hidden or stop them .

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That might be were we have a difference of stance in gaming view, for me it would have to be uninterruptable to begin to classify has ntr. actually I tend to get too irritable with terms being misused. For one has a technicality it require a fat ugly old guy for it to be ntr. If the antagonistic party is not at least two the those it would be cucking. Also has you have pointed out you can interrupt.

The basis for this is general meaning for the word ntr is an abbreviation of means the worst of the worst. While some may view interruptible scenes and take her for yourself scenes has ntr they actually have their own classification and I view it has insecure whining given the amount of times I have seen similar arguments for games with even less ground. I remember a game/visual novel mix from a few years back where people were whining about ntr, the situation being a scene in which the Mc's gf gets drunk at a party and a rival of some nature (I forgot what exactly) begins to grope her. The fact is the scene doesn't give you an option to let him and the MC promptly beat the snot out of said rival. NO sex no loss of clothes and yet in the comments people bitching about it being an ntr scene. Can you can see my frustration with people crying about ntr with little to no ground to call it has such and the ability to interrupt/avert a scene.

Also the the catgirl will only have sex with the monsters you make her.

Finally the last reason this seems like a pointless claim, is the originally being to add ntr has a tag... which would mean it's a primary genre, or a prevalent feature in the game... It is neither, it happens only if you make it and in one scene so far that is doubtful if it can be called an ntr scene. Make what you will of this, but I doubt the creator of the game even remembers this page exists has that last few builds have been by going to the Patreon account of the devs and getting it from there... Making this entire thread pointless, if that's the case has the game page simply won't receive further updates.

I could actually go into a major criticism of the ntr game genre, but that would be for another time.

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