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How many monsters are there as of now? I don't know how to rank up the licence and am stuck. Have I explored all the monsters? Cat boy n girl, dog girl, wolf man.  

Good game btw, great potential. Katelyn is sexy af

There are also bulls and cows. Need to raise breeder level to see them in shop. Rank up license by breeding. 

More babies => higher level. 

app not installed

im scared

Please fix the Apk file, it says "app not installed" after trying to initiate it. I have used different android devices, and none seem to work. Plase help

Do you have a patreon?

Yes, we have one.

I have a bug, it says on the top left "church blur night not found" pls someone fix

I am wondering, how did get into the church during the night, to begin with. This was supposed to be closed.
But thank you for letting us know

where can i find this witch? i keep talking to the server at the bar, and she talks about this witch. is this accessible in the current version? also are there any scenes to unlock with the monster seller, and the bartender? forgot the names sorry.

Sorry, we don't have scenes for them yet, except for one scene for Eros (the bartender) during the card game. The witch will also be accessible at a later time.

ok, thank you for letting me know. and thank you for the timely response.

Where do I find Rika and her mom on the farm? Can I replay the card game in one playthrough or does it only go once? Does the storyline end at Cece's cg or does it go further?

You mean Katelyn and her mom. They are not accessible after the Intro yet.
Yeah, the card game is a one-time event for now. We will make it repeatable later once we have more outcomes for it.
If you mean in the forest, yes, that is the current end for her.

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Although I do like the premise of this game, I don't like the monster designs and the art style used with it even if they have been redesigned (makes me wonder how they looked before). The art style used in the visual novel style sequences look way better, compared to the simplified animated breeding parts of the game. The difference between the two is way to jarring for me personally and takes me out of the game.

Did you notice the toggle button to change the art styles? As of yet we don't have animations for those designed monsters but you can see how they are going to look for now.

Ahh! No, I didn't notice that button... That looks way better! Thanks. Love to see animated renditions of the newer designs. I'll keep this game on my radar. 


As Usual Gameplay from Z9ZGAMES Channel!!
With All Thanks to the Creator of the Game!!


Hey, it's a very good game. I'll watch for updates~


android instal isnt working... i go to install it and it goes about halfway through installing then randomly stops and says "cannot install this application" ive tried it like 6 times and have plenty of space, i think theres something wrong with your install process on the apk


The Breeding Season project may have ended badly, but at least it's a source of inspiration.


so is this like a faithful remake? I will take it


Well, it's not a remake. More like an inspired version of the previous game.


I know lol, either way I do enjoy it, the animations are a bit simplistic but like the game just popped up so I feel it's good for where your at...hopefully that didnt come out wrong


Breeding season was a good game. I think this game would turn out great knowing it’s inspiration.